↳4.02 Nautilus



carmilla and laura’s first date better be a picnic under the stars with carmilla giving laura a detailed account of each constellation and what the world was like before science had told everyone they were just balls of gas burning in the sky and everyone believed that maybe if they looked up long enough all the answers could be found among the stars

i will accept nothing less than a stargazing picnic first date for these two 






Samaritan’s recruiting.


"she keeps wearing betty’s clothes, she steals my chocolate, she never cleans anything. she’s never awake before 4pm which is perhaps unsurprising when she’s up all night with some girl from my anthropology class- in my bed.” 


But just imagine Laura talking about how slow her computer is or mentioning a pretty necklace and Carmilla, the smitten useless she is lesbian that can probably live off the interest in her bank account, starts to go out and buy stuff for her because, well, she didn’t like the handmade bracelet and the stupid giant interrupted before Laura could have any of the champagne she got and so she originally starts giving her things like expensive electronics to help her with her web show but Laura is just like yeah, no this is too expensive and the programs on my computer aren’t that bad and I don’t need this and Carmilla’s even more sullen because she just wants to do something nice for her girlfriend and she’s not letting her and fine, if she won’t accept this then she’s going to get her something even nicer and so Carmilla starts being a lot more subtle about it and at first it’s just small things that aren’t at all expensive like a key chain or a book from Laura’s second hand bookshop and lull her into a false sense of security but gradually the gifts get more and more expensive without Carmilla ever telling Laura that the necklace she is wearing isn’t silver it’s platinum and the book she gave her is a first edition collection Shakespeare, not a fourth and eventually one of Laura’s geology major friends asks who gave her the really nice necklace and Laura’s just confused like what are you talking about it’s fake it’s just cubic zirconium and the friend is just like haha, no, that’s red beryl and one day Danny comes over and looks at Laura’s bookshelf is really excited because Laura where did you get a first edition of these books CAN I HOLD THEM PLEASE and Laura’s just starts panicking because Carmilla, this is too expensive what no I do not need that, that cost more than my tuition PUT THAT THING  BACK WHERE IT CAME FROM OR SO HELP ME but Carmilla’s like yeah, no not really returnable and so now Laura’s trying to figure out what Carmilla wants most because how can she top that and that’s the story of how Carmilla finally got ownership of Laura’s yellow pillow